Hello, Mustangs!

I am so proud of our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students and our teachers!!! The teachers have worked so hard to teach and prepare our students! Our students have worked so hard at learning and applying the learning! Through resiliency, grit, and sweat, our students have diligently completed their state assessments by doing their best and showing off their learning!! This is all that we can ask of our students! Thank you to our students and teachers!!! Thank you, parents, for supporting both students and teachers in the TEAM EFFORT! Go Team Midway!!!

With this said, we do have a few make up tests to administer so we will continue to keep a quiet and focused environment to support these students next week. They will make us just as proud!!

Next week is a busy week–make up testing, Half Day Field Day for K, 1, and 2, Menchie’s Night, Volunteer Appreciation breakfast, and more. Please continue to look at our calendar of events in our school newsletter.

Thank you all for being so supportive and wonderful! You make Midway SHINE!

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy a book and fun outdoor activities!!

Yours truly,

Jan Fickling

Principal of Midway Elementary School