Our Vision:
Our vision for Midway Elementary is for all students to become risk-takers in their learning, collaborative with others, responsible in making choices and decisions, and life-long learners.

Our Mission:
The mission of Midway Elementary is to create a positive, safe, collaborative, creative learning environment in which  all stakeholders (teachers, staff, administration, families, and communities) come together to nurture the development of every child in becoming responsible thinkers and workers, life-long learners, and productive citizens.

Midway Elementary Beliefs:

  • Children can succeed where teachers recognize uniqueness and differentiate instruction by planning developmentally appropriate lessons based on abilities, learning styles, personalities, interests, background knowledge, previous experiences, and levels of motivation for learning.
  • All children can learn when a teacher functions as a participant, guide, and learner in the classroom.
  • An effective teacher is the single, most compelling influence in the formal learning environment.
  • Students learn best in an active learning environment that includes opportunities for risk-taking, making choices, setting goals, and building on previous successes.
  • Educators should collaborate and share best practices with each other regularly.
  • A physically safe and emotionally nurturing environment encourages success.
  • The family is crucial to the development and well-being of the child by active participation in academics, promoting regular school attendance, and communicating with teachers regularly.
  • The success of a community is directly related to the quality of its educational system and depends on the involvement and communication of each member.
  • The success of our community, state, and country depends upon the respect and appreciation of our democratic society, and the acknowledgment and respect of our diverse population and their beliefs.
  • Education is a partnership of students, teachers, administrators, parents, district personnel, and business partners.
  • High expectations from all stakeholders promote high levels of achievement.
  • Learning promotes an improved quality of life.
  • Quality education is worth the investment and wise management of  time, effort, money, and other resources.


School Mascot:                The Midway Mustangs
School Colors:                 Teal & Black
School Motto:                   “Making a Difference for Every Student”

School Song:

(click to listen)

 The Midway March

We’re the Midway Mustangs.
We strive to be our best.
We’re making a difference.
We stand out from the rest.

Our teachers and our staff are
The best anywhere
They’re making sure we learn and prepare.
They’re always showing that they care.

We all proudly wear our teal and our black.
And when it comes to character,
We are right on track.

We are the pride of Lexington,
The number one school,
We’re the Mustangs and we rule!