Hello, Mustangs!

What wet and cold weather we have had the last few days!!! Brrrrr! Many thanks to all who were able to brave the rainy cold weather last night (Thursday) to join us for Zaxby’s Night, ArtFest at Lexington County Library, and Family Night for K, 2, and 4!! You rock!

Family Night was loads of fun! No one knew there was learning happening as we nibbled on moon pies and star gazed with apps. Our mightiest young heroes showcased their super powers as they donned their capes and masks!!! Racing the clock was tough but very successful in minute to win it! I am not there yet with winning at getting the most hearts off the plate with chopsticks. Hmm…this means I must use resiliency and perseverance as my fierce second grade competitors challenge me!!!

Thank you all for coming and many thanks to our student leaders as they taught parents different skills. A huge shoutout to our teachers for making this a special night for our Mustangs!!! Midway is full of #mesHEART as we #loveourpeople!!!

Family Night for 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades will be on Thursday, February 27, 6:00-7:30 p.m. I do hope we have better weather but thankfully weather did not slow us down tonight!

Have a wonderful weekend and read, read, read!

Yours truly,

Jan Fickling