Jason Trice

Cafeteria Manager


Melissa Casterline


Annette Byrd


Mabel Ludley


Judy Frazier


FOOD SERVICES:  Offer vs. Serve:  Midway Elementary School cafeteria stresses good nutrition and follows the USDA meal pattern and guidelines.  Each lunch menu consist of five food components – a meat or meat alternative, vegetables, fruits, bread or bread/grain alternative and milk.  Each student must select at least three of the food components and one of the three must be a fruit or vegetable. The student may have all five components and is encouraged to take what they will enjoy eating.


Breakfast is served from 7:00 am to 7:35 am.  Each breakfast menu consists of four food items – meat/ meat alternative and/or a bread/ bread alternative to make the entree, fruit or vegetable, and milk.  Each student must select an entrée along with a fruit to make a complete meal.

  1. The price for full paid lunch is $2.90, $0.40 for reduced lunch meal price, and adult lunch is $3.90.
  2. Lexington One also serves breakfast in each school. Full paid breakfast is $1.40, $0.30 for reduced paid and adult breakfast for $2.40.
  3. A new meal application must be completed each school year and may be completed online using the following website – www.lunchapplication.com

Only one meal application per family is required .The meal benefits will include breakfast and lunch. Apply online in the comfort and privacy of your home. The online service is available 24/7 anywhere there is an internet or data connection. The application is transmitted to Lexington One Food Service and Nutrition the same day allowing for quicker processing so benefits may be applied sooner.

  1. Parents may make online deposits and view each child’s meal account using the following website – www.k12paymentcenter.com. This will prompt you to set up an account where you can log on to view and print transaction history, check account balances, and make deposits to each child’s meal account.
  2. Student meal accounts that fall below $10.00 will receive a message via School Messenger each Wednesday reminding the parent/guardian that your child’s meal account balance is getting low.
  3. Students may charge no more than $10.00 in meals. Students with a negative balance may not purchase special sale items.
  4. Students on paid or reduced meal status with a negative $10.00 balance will be served an alternative meal until the balance is paid in full.
  5. If you would like to set spending limits for your child’s account, please contact Melissa Casterline, cashier, for assistance.
  6. Menus are located on the districts website and with a mobile device via MealViewer app. Parents and students can now quickly see what is offered daily for breakfast and lunch, check allergens and calculate nutritional values all from the device that is most convenient. Students may also use their iPad to see what is on the menu via the MealViewer app, rate the food, use the nutritional calculator, etc. and menus are also available on the digital signage in the cafeteria.